Llywernogn Sliver Mine 6.38m - 8594s -54.13t


Pete Williams

3.20m – 48.08t – 5910s

Friday 25 May — Sunday 1 July 2012

This exhibition marks the culmination of work  which Williams began during a three – month residency at Aberystwyth Arts Centre. Initially consisting of drawings, photographs, notes and ideas it has transformed into prints and large-scale works produced specifically for Chapter.

Utilising traditional methods of printmaking — woodcuts/engraving, lithography and stone — Williams uses print as a vehicle with endless possibilities. Each journey is mapped and logged in the form of a series of drawings and photographs that ultimately become realised as large woodcut block and prints, displayed here side by side on the Caffi Bar walls. The pace, time and distance is logged, which in turn informs the title of each work.

A passion for running is a key inspiration in the work including the inspirational views experienced during Williams’ ‘journeys’ and the pace of running — methodical and rhythmic — which is replicated in the working and cutting of the block.


Pete Williams studied at Cheltenham School of Art & Design and received an MA in Fine Art, Printmaking at Brighton University. He is currently UWIC Associate Lecturer in BA/MA printmaking and the Founder/Director of Print Market Project — a new Sculpture & Printmaking Workshop.

Solo exhibitions include Open Studio, Aberystwyth Arts Centre; RK Burt Gallery, London (both 2012) and ‘New York Commercial’, Blackburn 20/20 Gallery, New York (2011). Group exhibitions include ‘New Prints’, Autumn International Print Centre, Chelsea, New York and Visual Arts Center at The University of Texas, Austin (2011).

Forthcoming group exhibitions include ‘Between Spaces’, Aberystwyth Arts Centre Gallery (2013) and ‘New Works’, RK Burt Gallery, London (2012). Recent commissions include Hapus Ice-Cream Factory, Machen Mountain Sculpture Trail, Wales (2010); KALEID editions Gallery, London; Sydney Nolan Trust, Wales (both 2009).

Williams was awarded an international collaborative residency with Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop in New York, including a solo exhibition (2011); Artist in Residence at Aberystwyth Arts Centre (2010) and International Artist in Residence at Leitrim Sculpture Centre, Ireland (2008).


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