Most of the etching produced in the studio is created on zinc or copper plates using the ‘Edinburgh Etch’ procedure. This is a less toxic acid, in terms of fumes, having recently been re-developed to etch quicker (and to the same depth) as the traditional nitric acid.

We have a range of both wax and water-based grounds but are open to any alternative procedures that may be initiated during process.



We have a selection of timber available but can order (in advance) to most requirements. There is a small number of engraving tools and woodcut chisels available plus a good range of Indian, Chinese and Japanese papers for printing.



You can use a range of studio screens but it is advisable to bring your own as the size of ours are quite restricted. We use water-based silkcreen inks and mediums and stock appropriate paper, although we are happy to order to your specific request.
An A1 exposure unit is available and a washroom for the coating and cleaning of screens.



We have a variety of different sized stones which artists can hire (to use for the duration of their print). We hold all the necessary equipment from a graining sink to the selection of tushes and crayons (available to purchase from the studio). For plate Lithography – current facilities include the ability to transfer hand drawn or prepared photographic work. Available New Year 2012.